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Dunn-Edwards’ Colour of the Year 2022

Another warm, earthy shade has been selected by our next Colour of the Year 2022, this time by Dunn-Edwards. Their chosen colour – Art and Craft – is a dusty brown that offers a sense of calm and stability.

Reflecting the trend towards nature-inspired interiors and decor choices, Art and Craft celebrates the organic whilst acting as a grounding neutral. As well as working perfectly in a nature-centric design sphere, Dunn-Edwards’ chosen shade also hits on the trend for retro styling, particularly that of the 70s and its partner boho chic.

As a fabulous colour common to natural materials, Art and Craft can be found in spades throughout the tile world in both decor and standard surfaces.

A selection of attitudes

Six suggested palettes sit alongside Art and Craft, each offering an entirely different take on the tone – from lively and colourful to muted and considered. Chosen for its influence over design, the colour leaves us with this message:

“I am the past. And the promise of a new future. Look inside. Find the universe in the details and make your mark on this world. I’ll be here. Just as I always have.”


A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, January 2022.

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