Cyberspace Curiosities IX

After a little break from curiosities, we’re back with another fabulous five.

1. Canine Collection from Lili Cement Tile

Six dogs, each named and artistically rendered make up this adorable collection from Lili Cement Tile. Benji the Shiba Inu, Winston the French Bulldog, Rocky the Great Dane, Max the Bernese Mountain Dog, Charlie the Border Collie, and Duke the Saint Bernard all decorate soft cement tiles in gentle shades that can be mixed and matched.

2. Alexandria from Grow House Grow

These curious curvaceous tiles stare into your soul with their β€œeye of knowledge” designed to pay homage to the lost Royal Library of Alexandria. Though shown in Gray, French Blue, Gold, Black, White, each tile is handmade and can be customised to suit your preferred palette.

3. Eye Pattern from Feild.Works

A different take on the eye comes from Sophie Caulfeild of Feild.Works. These handmade handpainted terracotta tiles were inspired by Turkish Chintamani design, with three circles within circles created in Deep Blue and Violet Blue or Peach Yellow and Plaster Pink.

4. Growhouse from Decorum Tiles

Highlighted in gold that contrasts aginst the rich green glaze, these plant-inspired motifs offer timeless elegance and a classy touch of decor. Each tile is handpainted with stylised fan palms, monstera leaves, boston ferns, cinnamon ferns, and parlour palms all available as individual tiles or in artistic panels of 4.

5. Bauble Tiles from Veelvlak

3D coffee bean bumps decorate the surface of these inky teal tiles. Each piece is handmade and wonderfully varied with imperfections adding character alongside the tactile relief.

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