Cyberspace Curiosities X

Our tenth collection of ceramic curiosities found in cyberspace, enjoy!

1) Uonuon

The creatives at 14oraitaliana have blended the cartoonish whimsy of Pop Art with the chic style of wood-effect tiles to produce a collection with personality to spare. Uonuon comes in 14 colours, including a rich mustard yellow, soft blues, dramatic black, and organic shades with a Scandi flavour.

2) Stracciatella Blue Natural

A slice of blue divides the tutti frutti terrazzo speckles in a corner of these hexagon tiles from Aparici. Random Rorschach test shapes of confetti in purple, red, ochre, and blue dance across the white for a playul pop of colour.

3) Mural

Wibbly wobbly figures in green, terracotta, and royal blue spread with their limbs akimbo from one tile to another on these decorative cement pieces from cesar.bazaar by marieblanche_huet. Created as a mural for @opale_montreuil, this joyful design was originally intended as a one-time thing, but they’re working on bringing it out for the public to enjoy.

4) Krampus

The creepy Christmassy character Krampus decorate these unique tiles from Motawi. Inspired by two Wiener Werkstätte depictions of Krampus, his spindly tongue, cloven hooves, and basket for taking naughty children are presented in all their spooky glory.

5) Kite

Giving off stained-glass vibes are these gorgeous diamond tiles from Popham Design. Available in any colour combination imaginable, Kite can be as dramatic of chill as you like.

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