Cevisama Curiosities II

Yesterday’s curiosities were only the beginning and there are still plenty of fantastic designs awaiting a mention. One collection could have easily been placed with the weave-look designs from the show, but its unique format and stone-look companions meant its own space was needed.

2πround from Cicogres tile trend 2020
2πround from Cicogres

2πround from Cicogres is a collection of large circular tiles in stone, marble, and weave-effects. Combining the circular shapes with curved triangular matching or neutral in-fills makes for a delightfully dynamic appearance. The size of the tile adds power whilst the curves provide softness and a warmth making it an incredibly effective range.

2πround from Cicogres tile trend 2020
2πround from Cicogres

Codicer also played with shape, using the same provenzal-style as their Hoxo Mix they developed this black and white series of musical ceramics. The designs are almost in tune with the 20s aesthetic seen all over the show, with gold and bronze accents used alongside the musical notes and shapes but offers its own unique take on the theme with Melody.

Melody from Codicer tile trend 2020
Melody from Codicer

Standard white metro tiles were given a lovely twist by Arklam. Their Lirica range took classic 75 by 150mm metros with a textured surface and gave them a distinct personality with coloured edges. Yellow, Rose, and Blue options make it easy to incorporate coloured grout or to enable the colourful decors to provide the subtle hint of pastel.

Lirica Blue from Arklam tile trend 2020
Lirica Blue from Arklam

When it comes to coloured grout, much to our disappointment there was very little to be seen. But one company didn’t let us down. Roca displayed their Rock Art Shell fishscale mosaics with matching coloured grout. They also took on the colour trends of 2020, specifically sage green and terracotta.

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