Cevisama Curiosities IV

At this year’s Cevisama there was a notable lean towards matching sets – that is, differing formats that work together, collections utilising the same shades for cohesive design, and combinations that one might not have thought of. Durstone combined their 315 by 1,000mm 3D square decor relief tiles Japandi Kayachi with the 230 by 270mm hexagonal terrazzo designs of Six. Matching the colours of Blue, Rose, and Sage, the result is highly effective. The completely disparate designs work harmoniously together with impeccable shade matching and visual variety.

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2 thoughts on “Cevisama Curiosities IV

  1. I believe they were made by Life Ceramica but I don’t think they ever manufactured on a large scale. The most similar tiles I can think of are Soda from Ceramica Bardelli if that’s of any use?

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