Cevisama Curiosities: The 70s

We’ve cleared Cevisama‘s trends, we’ve shared one of our favourite stands, and we’ve grouped together a whole bunch of mini-trends, but now it’s time to begin what you’ve all been waiting for – the Cevisama Curiosities series. This time I’m switching it up, creating ‘families’ of curiosities rather than the free-for-all you’ve grown accustomed to and the first family of this Cevisama season – The 70s.

Despite the 70s being big all over interior design for the past few years, there was actually surprisingly little 70s decor at this year’s Cevisama. But I was still on the lookout and managed to locate a few findings to share with you. Amongst Mariner‘s many wallpaper-effect tiles was the wildly funky Andy Warhol – a curling, swirling, funk-fest of fun complete with puffy textured glaze and a touch of glitter.

Keeping to a retro colour palette, Panespol‘s display of ridged concrete-effect panels screams ’70s’. Rich orange, olive green, and warm mustard mix and match amongst themselves.

Another of Mariner‘s wallpaper-effect tiles with a 70s style was Einaudi. Their textured, fabric-like surface is patterned with a repeat circle/eye motif in muted neutrals. Although not as gaudy as many 70s designs, there’s something decidedly retro about Einaudi’s design.

These capsule mosaics from Intermatex offer up that classic 70s brown (or Dublin Caramel) with a retro raised border for a fabulously appealing vintage aesthetic.

A large number of retro patterns in warm tones make up Realonda‘s Glossy Patchwork tiles. These vibrant bunting-style triangles are vintage all over.

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