D'Autore Donna from Natucer tile trend 2020

Cevisama Curiosities III

These exciting design tid-bits are one of our favourite things about these events, and there are still more curiosities to share from the show. One stand that had some wonderfully inspiring designs was Natucer whose collections repeatedly that stood out to us. Their 130 by 130mm D’Autore Dolce is unbelievably gorgeous, a textured mixed-glaze marvel that can be personalised to a client’s specification. Presented at the show were neutrals combined with speckled and varied gloss colours, and pieces with a metallic sheen.

Natucer’s 100 by 200mm D’Autore Donna was similarly stunningly impactful with unique striped designs in a variety of colours. Combining coloured and neutral options creates this wonderfully dynamic appearance that is highly decorative and effortlessly stylish.

Rocersa‘s Groovy are 200 by 600mm tiles masquerading a three tiles separately designed in funky patterns. Following on from the warm/cold trend of the show, two colourways are offered, one with earthy browns, yellows, and oranges, and the other with greys and blues.

Groovy from Rocersa tile trend 2020
Groovy from Rocersa

Realonda‘s 210 by 630mm Amazonia also enjoys the warmth of earthy tones, featuring reds, greens, and ocre amongst its angular and faux aged decors. The thin, elongated format gives an artistic and elegant flair to the tiles and the combination of white with colours reduces some of the drama whilst maintaining the personality.

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