Cevisama Curiosities: 3D

Amongst the many Curiosities Cevisama had on offer, there were a few that added an extra dimension to their designs. These textural treats all have relief work in common, here are our 3D finds from the show.

These lovely elongated metro tiles from Cebimar feature a raised frame and glittery crackle-effect surface in a delicious minty apple green for a verdant a vintage vibe.

Like a decorative climbing wall, Itaca‘s Squircle is made up of circle crannies with half-moon ledges. Roughly textured with a concrete-effect, Squircle mixes deep 3D design with surface relief for an intriguingly dynamic tile.

The 3D nature of Halcon‘s Terra Vento Blanco tiles is a little more subtle. These decors (available in Blanco, Beige, Blue, Salvia, Terracotta, and Maquillaje) feature rows of capsules in a mix of shades, each capturing light with their concave shape.

Imitating bricks and paving, Abadia from Cerlat bring us texture designed to add realism to the raised, worn, and chipped look of these faux cobbles. In a variety of stoney shades you can create a tactile feature with a variety of aesthetics.

The ridged corners of Sartoria‘s Handmade tiles are an intriguing feature that can be utilised in any manner of layout possibilities. Their earthy colour palette and subtle textured surface emphasises the ‘handmade’ look for an intriguingly unique collection.

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, April 2023.

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