Seven 70s inspired tiles

The 70s are back in a huge way so lean into it with these seven tile collections that go big on nostalgia.

1) Ike

This patchwork collection from Codicer95 offers up funky florals in warm and cold colourways to create a feature with flower power vibes.

2) Bauhome

Earthy oranges, browns, and greens decorate these retro designs from Equipe. Nine motifs for mixing and matching make up Bauhome with two colourways offering differing personalities.

3) La Patisserie

This unique collection designed by Ayse Iyriboz for Clay Imports takes us to the 70s in France and Izmir, Turkey. Inspired by Iyriboz’s youth, these tiles fabulously combine delighted nostalgia and beloved memories with chic design and retro glamour.

4) Buderim

These flattened fishscale tile by Pietta Donovan for Walker Zanger embody the striped curve aesthetic that was everywhere in the 70s. In neutrals, blues, and bold mustard, Buderim offers a subtle nod to the groovy decade.

5) Pop Tile

The 60s and 70s blend together in this groovy collection from Vives. Earthy tones and psychedelic shapes make up the 8 colours and 10 decors in Pop Tile, each with its own detail of the past to bring to modern design.

6) Inclusion Classico

Wildly popular in the 1970s, terrazzo’s speckled surface has waved in and out of fashion for decades. But these scattered, freckled tiles from Domus are bringing terrazzo back in an old school way, complete with warm earth tones and a smattering of chips and flecks

7) The Bohemia Collection

Designed by Hayley Stuart for Maitland & Poate, these hand-poured cement tiles offer up vintage flair in a stunning collection of colours with Gracie and Madre giving us the most striking sense of the 70s.

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