Five space-inspired tiles

Looking to create an otherworldly interior filled with curious celestial details? Look no further than these five space-inspired tiles.

1) Cosmic Clouds

These unique tiles from Clay Squared offer up a fabulous fusion of star clusters, galaxies, and swirling solar plumes in vibrant colours that mix and mingle at will.

2) Gem Glass

Although technically a collection created to represent the majesty and magic of gemstones, the resulting large-scale slabs have a decidedly interstellar style. Like maps of alien planets, findings from another world, or some other sci-fi feature, Sicis‘ Gem Glass is one for the space age.

3) Stardust

These elegant marble-look tiles from Refin may look plain, but sprinkled across the veins is an iridescent sparkle, designed to mimic the the constellations of the night’s sky, reflecting light and adding an enchanting detail to the surface.

4) Cosmic Marble

Created in a collaboration between Iris Ceramica and Diesel Living, these colourful marble-look tiles with planetary names (Lune, Mars, Pluton, Saturne, Uranus, and Venus) bring a burst of intergalactic fun to this traditional surface.

5) Aix Fumée

Step onto the dark side of the moon with Aix Fumée from Atlas Concorde. Complete with dimples, ripples, and scratches, these limestone style tiles offer a subtle nod to space.

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, April 2023.

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