Five unusual nature-inspired tile collections

Tropical patterns, jungle-themed design and fabulous florals all have their place in nature-inspired design. But today’s post is for interiors that require something a little more abstract, so here are five tile designs that take a more unusual approach.

1) Mud

This earthy collection by Francisco Segarra for Peronda brings ancient building practices into modern design by highlighting the beauty, richness, and diversity of one of the world’s most humble of materials – mud.

2) Daisy Cacti

This adorable collection by Paulo Vale for New Terracotta takes a classic tile shape – the fishscale – and transforms it into a tactile work of desert chic art. Adding irregular bumps and shades of green these fishscale tiles go from one extreme to another, jumping from fresh, cool water into the dusty, arid plains of the desert.

3) Wakame

These inky, mottled designs from Da Vinci go to the depths of the ocean and bring forth vivid green, irregular shapes, and high gloss finishes that appear slick with seawater.

4) Desert Tones

These new, selected shades from Fireclay Tile offer up the tonal landscape of the deserts of the American West. Evoking rock and sand, dust and sun, these shades range from burnt red to light peach and from hazy purple to cool blue wind.

5) Flora

These abstract tiles by Chiara Andreatti for Botteganove offer a modern, minimalist take on nature with a restructed leaf. Angular, irregular lines and an intense 3D relief contrast against the organic inspiration for the design whilst the patchwork format mirrors nature’s willful freedom.

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, November 2022.

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